Village Welcome

Welcome to Cornubia Park Early Learning Centre! A Childcare Centre designed for families (villagers) to reconnect with the environment and with each other. 

Our Centre is a place of wonder for children, where they are able to engage in endless opportunities; where curiosity, excitement and wonder, and spontaneous imagination are nurtured. It is a place of laughter and joy, of friends and memories. We have embraced the Reggio Emilia Approach and Nature play pedagogy to deliver a community of kindness, honesty and respect.


The Influence of Reggio Emilia

All children have the potential to be amazing and learn a range of lifelong skills and abilities. We view all children as capable learners and co-construct the curriculum to make learning as enjoyable as it is educational. We understand each child has an innate desire to explore, learn and develop and will support their curious minds through:

  • Providing an environment to stimulate learning
  • Be consistent in our practices and see through the eyes of a child
  • View children as our equal and provide experiences to develop their understanding of the world.
  • Develop on current interests and extend on their learning in various developmental areas.
  • Incorporate wooden toys as resources to stimulate expression, imagination, and meaningful learning.
  • Collaborate with families to create the learning community each child deserves

The Nature Play Pedagogy

We believe that nature play is all about playing freely with and in nature. It’s about making mud pies, creating stick forts, having an outdoor adventure, and getting dirty. When children play in nature they are encouraged to build their physical capabilities—[such as] balance, fitness, and strength. And, as they play with others, they learn valuable negotiation skills, concepts of sharing and friendships, which may contribute to healthy emotional and social resilience. Unfortunately with our current society children have fewer opportunities with nature based learning. At Cornubia park we aspire to bring nature back into the children’s lives and are excited to show them a world full of wonder, peace and risk.

Supporting our Practices with the National Quality Framework

The framework is aimed at ensuring Childcare centres provide the best possible outcomes for each individual child. The Reggio Emilia Approach and Nature Play Pedagogy intwine with Australia’s National Quality Framework and offer a holistic route for child development. Like the children in our care we are constantly learning and evolving.

Join us on this journey towards celebrating the best learning outcomes for our children.