Early Childhood Education & Care and School Age Care

The new National Quality Standard (NQS) is designed to help children’s services provide the best possible level of childhood education and care by outlining the factors that best support a child’s development.  It outlines what a service can do to provide the highest quality education and care for a child.

The National Quality Standard is divided into seven areas.  These areas have been identified by research as being the most important to get right to ensure the safety, health and well being of children attending education and care services, as well as improving their educational and developmental outcomes.

The Standard consists of guiding principles, quality areas, standards and elements.  From 1st January 2012, most long day care & outside school hours care services will be rated against NQS.

The Quality Areas are:

1. Education Program and Practice.
2. Children’s Health and Safety.
3. Physical Environment.
4. Staffing Arrangements.
5. Relationships with Children.
6. Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities.
7. Leadership and Service Management.

Further information can be obtained from the Office of Early Childhood website at www.deewr.gov.au/earlychildhood.