Welcome Families And Little Ones

There is no time in life more important in terms of total development than the period between 0 and 5 years of age. There is no time in which your child is more vulnerable. There is no time in which they are more open to learning (gaining new understanding on how the world works and what they can expect from the people and objects surrounding them).

We recognise this miraculous opportunity, and believe in paying special attention to your child’s needs as we plan each day.

We feel so blessed to have the chance to play a meaningful part in this journey of growth and development, providing your family with a ‘Village’ of support in our secure, comfortable environment, by warm and caring educators.

Our family would like to welcome you and your little one to our Centre. We hope you will enjoy many happy and treasured moments here.

Nurturing Little Minds and Bodies

Our Village

Connect with our community that is dedicated to enriching your child’s first life experiences.

Creative Environments

Nature based play to promote unique, learning opportunities.

Organic Menus

Nourish young bodies with our well-thought-out nutritional menu. Planned by or onsite naturopath and nutritionist, Rebecca Tapper.

Family Committee

Currumbin Pines Early Learning values your input and we want to promote parent/ guardian voices.

School Readiness

Our kindergarten program is led by our Bachelor Qualified Teacher/s who personally modify the curriculum to prepare each child for primary school.

Reggio Emilia Inspired

To support children's education holistically and develop an instinctive love of learning.

National Quality Framework

At Currumbin Pines we align our practices with the National Quality Standard to provide the highest quality of education and care.


Witness all your child’s experiences straight from our OWNA app.

Healthy eating begins in childhood and is the absolute foundation of lifelong health and wellbeing. We believe that children need to be inspired and encouraged to eat good food from a young age. Food has been connected very securely to behaviour and learning management.  We therefore feel that if we can supply the children in our care with wonderful, tasty, nourishing food it can also have very positive outcomes with their growth and learning abilities.

Our Vision

At Currumbin Pines Children’s Centre

  • Where every child and family receive the best of care
  • Where every child is seen and their essence is valued, their spirit is nurtured and their potential recognized.
  • Where every child will develop a love of learning, a vibrant sense of self and a voice uniquely their own.
  • Where every child will grow an insatiable curiosity for a world full of wonder and awe.
  • Where every Family will discover the comfort of community, a village where families past and present feel as much a part of the centre, as the pathways and foundations themselves.
  • Where this is your place.

Currumbin Pines will be a place of wonder for children, where they are able to engage in endless opportunities; where curiosity, excitement and spontaneous imagination are nurtured. It is a place of laughter and joy, of friends and memories. We have embraced the Reggio Emilia Approach and Nature Play pedagogy to deliver a community of kindness, honesty and respect.

Here we view all children as capable learners and co-construct the daily experience (with them) to make learning as enjoyable as it is educational. We understand each child has an innate desire to explore, learn and develop and we will support their curious minds through:

  • Sharing our wonderful natural environment as “the third teacher”
  • Provoking their imagination with new ideas (or materials) they may share
  • Viewing him/her as an equal in their journey through the day
  • Providing surroundings and materials to enhance their play
  • Looking through the eyes of your child
  • Listening as they share their experience with us
  • Guiding their experiences by thoughtful interaction with them
  • Recording their story as it develops and sharing their day with you, their “first teacher”
  • Encouraging their shared play