Currumbin Pines began as a dream of the two partners Jenny Balson and Ross White (both with a teaching background)  to begin again the process of creating a childcare centre on the Southern Gold Coast to equal Benowa Early Learning Centre in the Central Gold Coast.  Both are inspired by the ability, within a childcare setting, of enhancing  the lives of the little people in our care.  Both have discussed, over the 20 years of their partnership, what makes that ‘special’ environment that encourages individuals to flourish.  This includes all of those involved in a childcare centre.  First of all the children.  But also the teachers, the support staff, the parents and, of course, the management.

We came to the conclusion that the special ingredient was ‘respect’.  It can’t be emphasised enough.   Respect for each other, as a team.  Respect , and appreciation for,  the beliefs  and efforts of the parents of children in our care.  Respect for our environment, respect for the local community.  But most of all respect  for the children.  And this can come in many forms.

Jenny’s son David and his wife, Alison have continued this journey at Currumbin Pines Early Learning Centre since February 2019.  David, literally has childcare centres in his blood and Alison with her teaching background, as well as having four young boys of their own, are more than equipped to continue this wonderful adventure of our constantly evolving centre.

  • We can respect their emotions .. how they feel at any point in the day.
  • We can respect their thoughts .. what they believe in and show interest in.
  • We can respect their efforts .. what they made today what they tried to make.
  • We can respect their imagination .. probably  far more advanced than our own.
  • We can respect their creations.  Not necessarily knock them down when it is ‘cleanup’ time.

There are probably many more ways we can show how important our little people are.  And it doesn’t always mean that we have to say yes to their requests.  Just as important is their ability to understand that sometimes their desires would cause them  or somebody else discomfort or hurt, and that, thus, things don’t always go their way.   Just as the world will treat them in the future.  We hope to help them understand that when things don’t go their way they can pick themselves up ‘with a smile’ and start again.

We have a team of wonderful childcare professionals .. passionate about our cause.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you, the parents; with our joint goal of ‘giving our children wings‘.